The Storyteller

The Storyteller

The Storyteller is a collection of ancient and original fables, written for your children and read and interpreted by people in the flesh!

Currently the following fables are present:
– The chicken with the golden eggs
– The astronomer
– The flea
– The field mouse and the city mouse
– The bull and the mosquito.
– A cottage too narrow
– Stamps for small pots
– The witch Rossella
– The snail and the whale
– The elephant learns to dance
– The elephant learns to swim
– The elephant learns to read
– Chiccolino
– That anger!
– Where’s my mom?
– The donkey loaded with salt and sponges
– Mother’s scream
– I love you even though …
– Snack
– The Margherita cake
– The wizard of numbers
– The importance of washing hands
– The importance of putting toys in their place

Check regularly! Let’s add new fairy tales every week!

At the end of each story, a short quiz will allow children to verify their understanding interactively.

The voices are kindly lent by the professional actress Simona Barbero (“The hen with the golden eggs”, “The astronomer”, “The bull and the mosquito”, “The flea”, “The field mouse and the mouse of city ​​”) and Sonia Caiazza (” Bolli bolli pentolino “,” A little house too narrow “,” La strega Rossella “,” La chiocciolina e la balena “).

The Skill icon was created by Freepik and prewashed from distributed under the Creative Commons BY 3.0 license.
The sound effects, instead, were offered by
– Shower:
– Wash hands: